Manage Gift Distribution

This area of this system provides online capability of checking in gifts at the distribution center and clients as they arrive to pick up gifts and a number of reports to aid in the process.

Gift Distribution Reports

Client Check-in listings available by day or all days
Food only appointment listings
Floor Layout information (including shopping help)
Floor tags organized by either pickup area (appointment time) or family id. 

Record Gift Check-in

To process gifts as they are received

  1. Click Record Gift Check-in.
  2. Enter the Family ID as printed on the returned angel tag.
  3. Click Find Children in Family.
  4. Check the appropriate boxes as shown in the example below.
  5. If the information about the adopter is known, complete that information.
  6. Click Check in Gifts to complete the process.

Record Client Check-in

To process clients as they arrive to pickup gifts

  1. Click Record Client Check-in.
  2. Choose the Distribution Center.
  3. Click Client Check-in.
  4. The system displays a list of all clients in appointment order.
  5. Click on the checkbox that precedes the client's name.
  6. Click Checkin Selected Clients.

Record Gift Pickup

This option can be used to finalize the distribution process. As the client receives gifts, use this menu to record the actual pickup.

To record gifts:

  1. Enter the family id
  2. Click Find Children in Family
  3. When the family is displayed, click the checkbox for the child who has received the gift
  4. Click Check-in Gifts

Gift Reports

  • Click Gift Report to see details for each angel who had received a gift.
  • Click Bike List to see details for all bikes that have been checked in.
  • Click Gifts Outstanding to see statistics on gifts needed.

See examples below.

Gifts Received

Bike List

Gifts Needed

The Gifts Needed list shows individuals who still need a gift.

  1. Select an angel
  2. Click View Wish List to view a shopping list for the angel.

Food Check-in List

Use this option to print a list of food only clients.

  1. Select the sort order
  2. Click the date for which the report is needed.

Client Check-in List

Use the Client Checkin List if a paper copy of the client list for check-in purposes is needed.

  1. Click the day desired.
  2. A new window will display with a report suitable for printing. The clients appear in alphabetical order.

Floor Layout

The floor layout menu has options for displaying information about families or floortags which can be printed and taped to the distribution floor with a bar code.

  1. Select the center for the report
  2. Select the order for printing the report
  3. Select the time range
  4. Click Floor Report or Floor Tag

Floor Report

Floor Tag

The barcode can be scanned using a mobile device and gifts checked in from the distribution floor.

Gift History

The Gift History Report shows statistics on gifts recorded in previous years.

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