Manage Angels

The Angel Management Menu displays options to search for angels based on a variety of criteria.

Download Angels

All angel information is available in spreadsheet format. This is convenient if the angels are to be printed by a print shop. The information provided is the appointment slot, distribution center, family id, child id, first & last name of angel, last 4 digits of SSN, gender, age at Christmas, birth date, shirt size, pant size, shoe size, special size information, wish list information, and adoption information as known. The angel spreadsheet is in family id order.

Printing 2D barcodes (QR codes)

The angel spreadsheet also has a column that a printer can use to create QR (Quick Response) codes for use in angel checkin.

Download Dependents

Dependent information is available in spreadsheet format. This list supplements the client spreadsheet by providing a list of all dependents in the system. The dependent spreadsheet is in last name order. The dependent list spreadsheet gives details about who applied for the dependent, including address, phone number, and email. The dependent list does not list gift information.


This spreadsheet can be used as a backup for your current dependent list along with a download of the client spreadsheet

Printing Angels

The Print Angels menu displays options for either printing labels with gift information or actual angels formatted either 3 per page. Please see Manage Distribution Centers for instructions on defining information to be printed on the angel (title, return date, printing offset). An optional 2D barcode and bike tag can be printed (see sample below).

The 2D barcode can be scanned with a smartphone App to check in the angel when it is received at the distribution center.

The bike tag is printed at the bottom so it can be cut and attached to a bike that is received. The bike tag identifies the family, child and appointment time for convenience in organizing bikes.

To print

  1. Select the distribution center.
  2. Choose the page setup and select barcode and/or bike tag options if desired.
  3. Choose which families to print. Select All or a range of IDs or a single ID.
  4. Click Print.
  5. The system will display a link to a PDF file that can be opened within a browser to print immediately or saved for printing at a later time. If the number of angels is too large for one pdf file, multiple pdf files will be created.

The angel tag sample shown below was created with the 2D barcode and bike tag option. The family ID includes the pickup area (appointment time). The child id is the unique code identifying the child for manual gift check-in.


If your angel is printing too far from the top of the page, check the print offset in your distribution center setup.

Angel Status

The Angel Status menu displays an abbreviated version of the downloaded angel spreadsheet information, but also allows adoption functions for individual angels that may be adopted online. Use this menu to also send an email to an adoptor who has lost their angel, reserve or remove an angel for online adoption. Download the angel spreadsheet if more details are needed.

To Adopt:

  1. Select the angel
  2. Click either Adopt Angel, Email Adoptor, Reserve for Online Adoption*, or Remove from Online Adoption*. *These options are only available to System Administrators.
  3. Adopting an Angel requires further information to be filled out on a new screen. Follow instructions to complete the adoption, or cancel the adoption.

Lost online angels

An adoptor who has adopted online may also use the website.

  1. Click Get Assistance,
  2. Enter a zip code,
  3. Type the email address that was used to adopt the angel, and
  4. Click Resend My Angel Information after entering the security code.

Adopt Angels

Multiple angels can be adopted using the Adopt Angels menu. Use this menu in response to telephone inquiries.

  1. Select angels by clicking the check box.
  2. Type the adoptor's name, telephone number and email address.
  3. Click Adopt Selected Angels.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to the adopter.

Adoption Report

The Adoption report displays contact information for each angel that has been adopted. Use this report to send a reprint of the adoption to the adoptor.

Family Angel Report

This report lists families with children to be adopted. The report opens in a new window as shown in the example below.

Website Adoption Families

Families to be adopted on the website are managed using the Website Adoption Families menu. Perform this setup before printing angels so angels are not printed and distributed for these families.

  1. Type the range of family ids to be reserved.
  2. Click either 'Add to Website' or 'Remove from website'

Website Angels

This Website Angels report displays the status of all angels reserved for website adoption.

Manage Gift Distribution

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