Client Reports

The reports provided about clients in the Clients Menu include Activity Status to date, Duplicate Addresses - Potential Fraud, Appointment Listings, and Daily Activity by individual date. These reports open in a new window (or tab) and may be printed using the browser print functions.

If you are looking for reports relating to gift distribution see Gift Distribution Reports .

Reports in the Client Menu

Daily Status Report Menu

Status Reports

The Daily Status Reports are a quick way to see basic information that has been entered in the system recently. Depending on the report, the capability to see more detailed information is available with a single click.

  1. Click the Clients tab, then click Daily Status Report on the left.
  2. Choose a center if you have multiple distribution centers.
  3. Click either Daily Activity Status, Duplicate Address Checks, All Current Appointments, or All Current Families to view the information in a new window.

Daily Status

The Daily Activity Status report displays a statistical summary about the number and type of client who has been entered into the system. It also includes a profile of family incomes, ethnicity, number of dependents, and age distribution.

Click below to see a sample.

Daily Status Report Sample

Duplicate Address Checks

The Duplicate Address report displays families who reside at the same address that are a potential for fraud.

All Current Appointments

The Current Appointments list displays a list of families in family id order. The appointment time, client name, and angels to receive gifts are displayed.

The family id is clickable and displays details about the family as it would appear as a floor tag.

All Current Families

The Current Families list displays the families in either family id or last name order. The appointment time is not displayed. When the family id is clicked, the family details are displayed.

Daily Tracking

This menu provides a snapshot display of all dependents that have been entered for a specific date or allows the creation of a spreadsheet.

Daily Spreadsheet

Clicking the Daily Spreadsheet option creates a spreadsheet of all current clients and dependents that have been approved. The system provides an option to save the spreadsheet or open it in the appropriate program on a computer. This spreadsheet can be used to interface with external charity tracking programs to prevent services duplication.

Center Family List

The family list is detailed report on all approved clients and their dependents for a given day. The details provided are first and last name, birthday, and address information.

Clients Mailing Labels

Client mailing labels are created in a pdf file for letter-sized label sheets of 10, 20 or 30.

  1. Click the Clients tab.
  2. click Client Mailing Labels on the left.
  3. Choose a distribution center.
  4. Choose the client category: Current families, Food Only, Angel Tree families, or Clients served in previous years
  5. Choose a sort option.
  6. Choose a label size.
  7. Click 'Print Labels.

Saving or viewing?

Browser settings will determine whether the generated pdf file displays in a new window or displays a prompt for saving or viewing the file.

Download Clients

  1. Click the Clients tab, then click Download Clients on the left.
  2. Choose a center (or all centers) and choose from the displayed client category options.
  3. Click Download Client Addresses.

Client Search Options

These menu items have options to drill down further into the displayed information:
  • Find Client or Child
  • Search Approvals
  • Incomplete Clients
  • Rejected Clients
  • Printing Errors
  • Banned Clients

  1. Click the Clients tab, then click Find Client or Child on the left.
  2. Type any partial search information for the first and/or last name.
  3. Click either Find Client or Find Child
Search Results

The search result displays the client name, SSN, distribution center, and approval indication.

  1. Highlight the client
  2. Click View Client Information

Search Approvals

Use this menu item to display all clients that have been approved for services.

  1. Enter a specific date or leave the date field blank for all dates.
  2. Choose a distribution center to limit the results. If no distribution center is chosen, all approved clients will be displayed
  3. Click Find Clients.

When the approved client list displays:

  1. Click the button to the left of a client to view client details
  2. Click View Client Information.

Viewing Detailed Client Information

The Detailed Client Information screen displays all information for which the user has permission to see. An Appointment card or client signature form can be printed if necessary. Clicking the Edit Client option opens the client's data for editing.

Options for Client Details

  • Print Family Form
  • Print Signature Form
  • Print Appointment Card
  • Edit Client

Incomplete Clients

Use this menu item to display clients who have not been assigned to a distribution center or have not been assigned an appointment.

Rejected Clients

This list shows any client who was either re-edited and not approved, or rejected for a specific reason. No angels for any client on this list will be listed.

Check for errors

It is possible for a user to re-edit a client and forget to finalize the approval. Always check this list for errors!

Printing Errors

Use this menu to display a list of approved clients who never received an appointment card.

Banned Clients

A list of clients who have abused the system and may never receive future services. The records for these clients are locked.

Blank Application

  1. Click the Clients tab, then click Blank Application on the left.
  2. Each distribution center has the option of specifying a blank application.
  3. Choose from the centers displayed and click Get Blank Application.

Manage Angels

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