Manage Clients

The client menu provides options to

  • enter clients in the database
  • display an extensive selection of reports on client activity
  • create client mailing labels
  • download a spreadsheet with client information
  • search for clients based on name or client status (approved, incomplete, rejected, banned or with printing errors)

This menu also has a link to download a blank application form for each distribution center. (See Center Setup)

-About the database-

The database contains client information from past years. This is convenient since you only have to change information that has changed since their last application. Client approval means the client's information has been verified and the client is eligible for aid. A client's application is not complete until the client is assigned to a center. Clients may be entered in the system but rejected for various reasons. A client may be banned if they have been fraudulent in their application. When a center assigns gift pickup appointments automatically, the client application is not complete until an appointment card is printed for the client. (Only computer entry and system adminstration users may enter client information .)

Access the Client Database

  1. Click the Clients tab at the top, then click Enter Clients on the left.
  2. Choose the center for which you will be entering clients.
  3. If you are not assigning clients to a center, choose 'enter client information only'.
  4. Click Enter Client Data.
  5. A new window titled 'Client Information' opens.

Client Identification

The system asks for the last 4 digits of a SSN to identify a client as a unique person in addition to the first and last name. This field is required. The location needs to have an internal procedure for a number to use if the client does not have a SSN. Any 4 digit number is acceptable other than all zeroes. The system also provides a field for the client that can be used to enter a Driver's License or other Identification. If no additional id is collected, enter 'none'.

Determine whether a client exists in the system

The first time you enter the Client Information window, you will see options to enter specific information about an existing client (First name, Last Name, last 4 digits of SSN, or Family Id) or search for a client. If you know their SSN or Family Id, enter it. Otherwise, choose 'Search'.

  1. If a applicant is a past client, type the first letter of their first name, the first few letters of their last name
  2. Click Search.

    Viewing All Clients

    If you do not type anything and click Search, the entire client list will appear. This may take a few minutes.
  3. The search will show possible client matches. There are three columns: SSN order, last name order, and dependents SSN and first name.
  4. If the client is listed, click on the name then click Enter.
  5. Otherwise, click Back to Client Input.

Entering New Clients

! Important !

The client is not assigned a Family Id until all primary information is complete. If the SSN, first name and last name are typed incorrectly, DO NOT click Save Client/Household Data. Instead type the correct information into the form above and click Enter to start over.
  1. You must enter the last 4 digits of the Social Security number (SSN) or 4 digits of an alternate id per your location procedure, first name and last name for a new client.
  2. Click Enter.
  3. Enter the client's Driver's License or ID# (enter none if this information is not collected), date of birth, street address, apartment, and choose a zip code from the list. If the client's zip code is not in the list, the residence is not in the area of service for the location. When a zip code is chosen, the city and county are automatically set.
  4. Type the telephone number and email (used for emailing an appointment card), choose a race from the list given, and type the number in the household. This number will determine how many dependents will be entered.
  5. Type the financial information: food stamp amount, income, and expenses. This information is required.
  6. If the applicant is not eligible for assistance according the financila guidelines, an message will be displayed. A supervisor should be consulted at this point to determine if it is acceptable to proceed.
  7. The note area is freeform and can be used as necessary.
  8. Click Save Client/Household Data when all basic client information has been entered.
  9. The Client will be assigned an ID number when all information is complete. If any information is missing, informational messages will be displayed. Note the ID number at the top right corner.
  10. If the client has no dependents (# in family is one person), click Application Completed.

Adding Dependents

  1. If the client has dependents, basic information must be entered for each person: first & last name, last 4 digits of SSN, gender, and birth date.
  2. Click Save Client/Household Date when each dependent is completed.
  3. If a dependent is eligible for gifts, size information and gift choices will display.
  4. If a dependent received a bike in the past two years, the bike area cannot be selected.
  5. Choose the shirt, pant and shoe size information and make a few gift selections from the following: bicycle, sports, games, toys, books/media, accessories, or arts/crafts.
  6. Choose a favorite color from the list.
  7. Choose the school the child attends.
  8. Enter ONLY information NOT AVAILABLE FROM THE SELECTION CHOiCES in the special request area.
  9. Don't forget the size help choices for height and build.
  10. Click Save Client/Household Data.

Checking the information

Any information about the client or dependent can be changed before the application is completed. It is a good idea to save information frequently. Data which can be changed is shown as black letters on a white background. Check the accuracy of the information on the screen with the application. Click 'Application Completed' when all data is correctly entered.

Correcting Mistakes

  1. Once an application is completed, the data can only be changed by choosing a reason. Choose the Re-edit reason then click Application incomplete.
  2. If a mistake has been made in entering a dependent that has a 'frozen' field (blue letters on a grey background), you must delete the dependent and re-enter the information.
  3. Click the delete box, then click Save Client/Household Data. A new blank line will appear to enter the correct information.

Appointment Assignment

Automatic or Manual?

The method of assigning appointments is a distribution center option. When appointments are to assigned automatically, the appointment is assigned according to a mathematical formula which distributes clients equally between the available appointment times. Manual assignment requires the user to choose from appointments times set in the center's appointment schedule list.

Automatic Appointments

  1. The client screen for a completed application displays the appointment information and action buttons: Print Appointment, Email Appointment (if the client has email), and Print Signature Form.
  2. If the client is required to sign a verification form, click Print Signature Form.
  3. Click Clear Form to start over with a new client.

Manual Appointment Assignment

  1. The client screen for a completed application using manual assignment displays two buttons: Assign Manually and Print Signature Form. Click Assign Manually.
  2. Choose an appointment time from the choices displayed and click Modify Client Appointment.
  3. When the apointment is set, click Back to Client.
  4. The action buttons (Print Appointment, Email Appointment and Print Signature Form) are now available on the client display in addition to the appointment time. Until the client has an appointment printed, the client will appear on the Printing errors report.
  5. If the client is required to sign a verification form, click Print Signature Form.
  6. Click Clear Form to start over with a new client.

Appointment Cards

Appointment cards are designed to print on 4.25“ by 5.5” paper. The system displays the option of either printing a signature form or emailing it to the client's email address. The email option only appears when a client has provided an email address.

To print an appointment card:

  1. The appointment card will open in a new window and the print window option will automatically appear.
  2. Click 'Print'.
  3. Close the Appointment Card browser window

The appointment card sample below shows the box containing the number of children in the family and the pickup area printed:

Printing Signature Forms

Signature Form Window

All printing is accomplished by opening a new window (or tab) with the information to be printed. The signature form is a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Your browser may be set to either open the file using a built-in pdf viewing plug-in or open directly into a pdf viewer like Adobe Reader. If the pdf opens in your browser, print the form, and close the pdf window (or tab) when the printing is complete. You may keep the pdf reader window open for efficiency.

Signature Form Sample

Click below to open a signature form sample:

Signature form

Changing Protected Client Information (**System Administrator only**)

  1. If a client's SSN, first or last name, or appointment need to be changed, click Modify Client Name, SSN, Appointment at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. If a different appointment is necessary, choose an appointment time from the choices displayed.
  4. If the client is to be locked out of the system, click the lock option, otherwise leave the default in place.
  5. Click Modify Client Data to save changes, then click Back to Client Input.
  6. If the appointment time is changed, the client will appear on the Printing errors report until the appointment card is printed or emailed.
  7. Click Clear Form to start over with a new client.

Client Reports

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