Manage Users

System Security

Your system security is determined by the permissions you allow for your users plus the permissions assigned for each distribution center. Each location has an owner defined by their email address and a location password used for making changes. Each distribution center also has an owner and a separate password. This method allows complete autonomy for the distribution centers.

Security Levels

There are three levels of security defined by user types. In order for any user to do work for a distribution center, that user must also be given permission for a center. A System Administrator user must have rights for a center to make location management changes.

User types

SA Personnel

SA represents System Administrator. This user type has complete control of the client information and system setup. System Administrators are the only people who are normally permitted to

  • add users or change user information.
  • change a client's name or social security number after they have been set up in the system, and a client appointment.
  • modify zip codes & counties for the location if they know the location password as defined by the location owner.
  • add or remove a distribution Center, create a distribution schedule, and setup the options for the distribution center when they have permission rights for the center and know the password.
  • set up angels for online adoption

Computer Entry

Computer Entry users are trusted personnel who may be doing most of your data entry work. They are permitted to

  • access the client database and process applications.
  • set appointments for a distribution center when given specific permissions for the center
  • handle all operations allowed by a volunteer


The Volunteer is permitted to handle any operations that do not involve changing client information or viewing confidential information such as income and food stamp data. A Volunteer may

  • print mailing labels and client appointment cards
  • view angel reports and handle angel adoptions
  • process any gift management functions such as checking in clients and gifts

Setting User Permissions

Center Users

All Distribution Centers should be set up before users are entered so the proper permissions may be set. After a center is added, existing individual users must be given permissions through the User menu as no center permissions are automatically applied to anyone other than the center owner.

Distribution Center Functions

  • View Client Information for a user who will not be entering data but may print information
  • Manage Appointments for a user who will be taking applications and setting appointments
  • Manage Center is reserved for the user who will have the password to set up the distribution center and the distribution schedule.

Creating a User

  1. First click Users at the top of the screen, then click Add User on the left.
  2. Type the user's first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip and phone. All of this information is required.
  3. Type the email address for the user. The email is required because the user's password can only be retrieved by email.
  4. Type a user id which may be entered in the login screen instead of the email address. The user id should be short and not include spaces. This is optional.
  5. Choose the User Type for a user according to the explanations listed above. (Volunteer is the default)
  6. If the user will have access to a Distribution Center that is displayed, click the box for the Center, then choose the function according to these guidelines explained above. This step is required for all computer entry or system administration users.
  7. Click Save when done.

Changing a User

  1. First click Users at the top of the screen, then click Manage User List on the left.
  2. Type any new information in the appropriate box.
  3. If you have permissions, you will be able to choose a new User Type and choose a center function.
  4. Click Save when done. If you click Cancel, no changes are made.

Delete a User

  1. First click Users at the top of the screen, then click Manage User List on the left.
  2. Select the user you wish to delete by clicking the button in front of the user name.
  3. Click Delete this User. The user is immediately removed from the list.
  4. If you click Cancel, no changes are made.

Download the user list

  1. First click Users at the top of the screen, then click Download User List on the left.
  2. Depending on your browser settings, you will be asked to either save the file or open it.
  3. If you don't want the file, click Cancel.

User History

 This menu shows the type of activity the user has performed on clients. 
  1. First click Users at the top of the screen, then click User History on the left.
  2. The User Summary shows each user that has current activity and the number of Clients created, edited, approved, and rejected.
  3. To see the specific clients the user has processed, click the user name.

User Action Details

 The details screen shows the client name, family id, and relevant dates. 

Client Details

  1. To view all information about the client, click the button in from of the client name.
  2. Click View Client Details.

Manage Clients

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