Getting Started

The system is internet-based so you do not need any specialized software to be installed on your computer. All the software and data resides on a secure server in southern California. You do not need to download anything that would compromise your computer.

System Requirements

You must have

  • a computer or mobile device connected to the internet
  • a compatible internet browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari)
  • a pdf viewer
  • printer(optional, depending on the tasks you will be doing)

All reports can be printed on standard letter-size paper. The Appointment cards are designed for 1/4 sheet. If you are printing many appointment cards, create a printer setting on your printer to use 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, make it the default setting for the printer on a temporary basis, and load the printer tray with this sized paper. Angels can be printed on various sizes of pre-printed sheets up to 11“ x 17”.

Understanding your Browser

Modern browsers support a tabbed approach to opening multiple windows so the user can easily see how many 'windows' are open. The setting for handling multiple windows are now an option so you should be aware of your individual browser settings. When the Holiday Helper system opens a new window to print a report, the window may appear as a tab or an entirely new window.

The exception is the client database (Client Information window), which will always appear in a new window without a 'Back button'. This is done to insure data integrity. If you are operating in the client database and click any button that prints, a new window (or tab) will be used to display the information to be printed. When you are finished printing, you may close the print window. If at any time a browser window completely hides the client database window, you must know how to toggle between windows on your system to get back to the client database window.

A Windows system usually shows open windows on its task bar, but a Mac system may completely hide all open windows. On a Mac, click the Windows on the menu bar and you see the windows that are open. Simply choose the Client Information window.

Log in

The process is designed to provide maximum security.

  1. Type '' into your browser's address bar.
  2. The Welcome page is designed for the public to be allowed to contact individual agencies based on zip code. To access a location's database, click 'Log in'
  3. The Login page displays the locations that reside on the system and a randomly-generated security code so that no automated system can gain access.
  4. Choose your location, type your username, password, and security code, and click 'Enter Location'.
  5. If you have entered the correct information, you are ready to begin.

–Forgot your password?–

You can retrieve your password by clicking 'Forgot my password'. Enter your email address, then click 'Email my password'.

If the Distribution Center Setup menu displays automatically, the Location set-up is incomplete. All primary information about a location and existing center must be complete and each center must have a distribution schedule with at least one appointment time set.

–Important Note–

Location-specific information (zip codes, counties and schools) can only be changed when the Location password is known. Retrieve the Location password by clicking Location Email/Password on the left and following instructions. The administrative email for the Location may be the same as a Center. The Location Administrator and the password can be changed using the current password. Please designate one user to be the Location Administrator.

The system will not allow access to client information until the Location set-up is complete.

Manage Your Location

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